My Family Tree

Matthew Everett 

*30 Apr 1909 - †?


a) Jane Ann b. Jun 1870, Petrolia, Lambton Co. d. 1955, Toronto, York Co. Buried in Hamilton next to dau. Margaret. Jane moved to Toronto in late 1940's to live with her sister Alfreta when she became too old to look after herself. Caused of death is dementia. Matthew Everitt (s/o Charles & Jane) b. Apr 1909 Bracebridge d. late 1960's, Otter Lake from throat cancer Story goes that Matthew wanted to be alone, to live an isolated life so he sort of ran away from home because he was sick of working on farm helping his mother Jane. He wanted his own life. He left home in his early 20's, Jane died never knowing where he was or what became of him. He was suppose to have worked in logging. In one of the photo's he was living at Goulais River, Lk. Superior, but died near Otter Lake which is in Parry Sound District. Margaret McLean got in touch with Matthew after Jane'sdeath. Matthew was in contact with some of his Loshaw siblings but unknown if keep in touch with Everitt siblings. Jane's son Jack Donaldson lived in Parry Sound area so he may have known Matthew, Delia Donaldson moved to Spokane, WA, USA, of his two sisters Margaret & Mabel McLean, Matthew likely knew Margaret better.