My Family Tree

Thomas Everitt 

*c. 1837 - †2 Feb 1890


a) Thomas EVERETT M Male English 44 O. Teamster Church of England Elizabeth EVERETT M Female English 33 O. Church of England Elizabeth A. EVERETT Female English 15 O. Church of England Mary EVERETT Female English 12 O. Church of England Eliza EVERETT Female English 9 O. Church of England William EVERETT Male English 7 O. Church of England Ann EVERETT Female English 5 O. Church of England Venerva J. EVERETT Female English 1 O. Church of England 1881 Canadian Census: Elora, Wellington Centre, Ontario There is a Thomas Everitt buried in the Elora Cemetery with his daughter Sarah. Thomas died Feb 2, 1890. He was 53 years old although the cemetery stone looks like 63. Sarah died Sept 8, 1878 age 1 year. Although Thomas and Elizabeth didn't marry to 1887, I suspect Thomas went to live at the Garland household probably to help run a farm or help with house repairs. It is quite possible that Thomas knew Elizabeth's first husband. When the 1881 Canadian census was done, Thomas was probably at work, kids at school so Elizabeth listed everyone under one name since Thomas more or less became the head of the household. Which children are actually his and which were Elizabeth's children from her first marriage is still a web that needs to be unravelled. Thomas probably took everyone under his wing whether or not he adopted them legally. More research is needed for this interesting couple