Captain Thomas Carney

The Men Ruled by the Great Lakes


Pg. 16


CAPTAIN THOMAS J. CARNEY, who has been in the employ of J. & T. Charlton,
S. B. Grummond and John Pridgeon, all well-known tug owners, is one of the
best-known men on the Detroit River and adjoining waters. He was born in
Amherstburg, Ontario, in the year 1857, and lived there until fourteen years of
age, when he entered the employ of a tug company. He obtained a license as mate
in the year 1881, and for two seasons served in that capacity’ on the tug
Ballentine, owned by John B. Sullivan, in 1883, becoming captain of the tug
Valentine, on which he remained for two seasons. He was on the Crusader three
seasons, on the Crusader three seasons, the John Owen two seasons, and has also
commanded the Balize and the steam barge Manistique. Captain Carney is in the
prime of life, and thus far has an excellent record, having never had any
accidents on his boats. He has lived in Detroit ever since he began sailing, and
has been an American citizen for the past twenty years. His parents were natives
of Ireland.


Captain Carney was married, in January 1891, and has three children: Thomas
Clarence, Lawrence V. and Leo Arthur. He is a very popular man, and has a large
circle of friends in and about Detroit.


Source: Pg. 1056 History of the Great Lakes by John Brandt Mansfield
published by J. H. Beers & Co. in 1899 Vol. 2 – Biographical