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June 14, 2023 – Added a page about the history of Freemasonry in Bay County.

December 28, 2015 – Added Bay County Ghost Towns and Place Names page.

June 15, 2013 – Moved website to the WordPress platform. Removed endorsement of MacFamilyTree. Added RootsPersona pages as they are a native WordPress plugin.  Removed old Progenitor and GEDPAGE pages as they were redundant.

April 24, 2011 Added Bowen and Gordon family information.
July 24, 2009 Site moved to with a new design.
february 13, 2009 I have a daughter, Lillian Rose, born February 13, 2009.
18, 2007
I have a son, Wiliam Raymond, born December 8, 2006. Here is his blog.
12, 200
Updated Progenitor and GedPages lists for my family.
7, 2003
Updated Progenitor and GedPages lists for my family.
April 4,
Added link to Edmund Fitzgeorge information (no relation to me).
February 15,
Updated Progenitor and GedPages lists for my family.
August 11,
Added a photo of my 3rd Great Grandmother to the Gamble and Campsall pages. Added a photo of the Gamble family’s homestead in Sterling Township, Macomb County, Michigan.
July 28,
Added a page for Brown family headstones at Port Austin Township Cemetery, Port Austin, Michigan.Updated Progenitor and GedPages lists for my family.
May 5, 2002 Updated Progenitor and GedPages lists for my family.
January 10, 2002 Updated Yorkshire related links on the Gamble page.
December 26, 2001 Updated Progenitor and GedPages lists for my family.
November 11, 2001 Updated Progenitor and GedPages lists for my family and my wife’s ancestors.
November 2, 2001 Added Bay City/County directory transcripts for Backelen/Backelin and Everett surnames.
September 8, 2001 Added a bio for Captain Thomas Carney of Detroit, courtest of Pat Hamp of the Michigan Family web site at
July 17, 2001 Updated the Progenitor and GedPage family listings after keying in many more Poole family names.
July 7,
Updated the Other Interests page to include The Speech.
June 10,
Added Baum family members from the Ackworth, Yorkshire 1881 Census.  Revamped the layout of the web site to remove the frames for easier viewing by some browers, and a bit easier to maintain.  I hope.
May 25, 2001 Added the GedPages for easier searching of my family tree.
May 23, 2001 Updated and added information to the Progenitor family listings.
June 12, 2000 –
May 22, 2001
Apparently was abducted by aliens
June 11, 2000 Added information on the Fisher family of Stillingfleet, Yorkshire, England.
March 5,
Added Search capabilities to the site.
29, 2000
Moved web site to 
November 3, 1999 Added the City Directories for the city of Detroit that contain Carney family information for the years 1903 and 1906.
6, 1999
Added photos of Fishlake, Yorkshire to the Gamble and Campsall family pages.
August 23, 1999 Added link on Gamble family page for General William Gamble, civil war veteran.
August 16, 1999 Updated the Progenitor pages with new information.
July 8, 1999 Added the new Rootsweb GenConnect boards to the Carney pages.
June 29, 1999 Better organization of some of the pages in the site.
June 25, 1999 Upgraded my software to Microsoft’s FrontPage 2000.  Added information from Murray Poole about Poole family members that were brickmasons.
June 4,
Added a number of new photos, including one of my fiancé.
June 1,
Updated the Other Interests page.
May 26,
Updated the Carney Comments and Queries page; noted the new mailing list and that I would not be updating the Queries page anymore.
May 25,
Announced the creation of the CARNEY-L mailing list.
May 7, 1999 Added a number of Beegan and Poole photos.
May 2, 1999 Updated Carney Comments and Queries page.
April 29,
Completed adding my family photos to the site. Looking for broken links, as Rootsweb is case-sensitive and Concentric was not. This is mainly affecting background bitmaps.
April 28,
Entire web site moved from to ROOTSWEB, a genealogy based web service!  Counter was re-set, and am also re-establishing my family photos area.
April 10,
Removed the photos link; decided to start adding a banner frame to all web pages for their advertising, which broke all my photo
April 5,
Started this “news” page.