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May 22, 1999


Ruth Carney


I am researching an Absolom Lemuel Carney who married Margaret Bobo on Sept l, 1842 in
Miami County, Ohio. (near Dayton & Columbus) On the 1850 census for Clark Co. Ohio,
they show 3 children, Martha born 1846, Nancy, born 1848 & Margaret or Ann. (not much
is known about her)


After a long gap, 3 boys were born to Absolom & Margaret, in Indiana near the Terre
Haute area, Parke & Clay County. Their names were Absolom Lemuel, born 1865, Emanuel
born 1868 and John. (Don’t know his birth date or much about him either)


Would like to know who the elder Absolom’s father & mother are, where did they come
from? Are they Irish and when did they first come to this country and where did they


Any help would be appreciated……….Thanks


Ruth & Richard Carney


May 13, 1999




I am beginning a search of Carney. I do know this much,  my ggrandfather was Peter
Carney and he married and Agnes Shannon. My gr uncle was born in Scotland just before they
came to the states.  I am not sure where exactly in Ireland they came from.


May 1, 1999


Gena Semenov & Mark Herbert


My Carney’s were from Co. Mayo in Ireland. My grandfather came to the US in 1903. He
settled in Lowell, Mass. .


My family’s lore that back in Ireland the Carney’s came from a great line of builders
and masons, perhaps that is a Carney trait. In my families case, so was the boxing,
drinking, storytelling and singing!


Good luck in the research!


May 1, 1999


Connie Bartlett


I hope you or some else that reads this makes a connection, because I’m at my wits end!
I have been searching for my grandmother born Rita Margaret Carney in 1918 to James and
Agnes(Swift)Carney possibly in County Mayo Ireland. She came to live with her uncle John
Bannon in the Bronx of New York around 1928-1935. She married Arthur Lee Wright in 1936
and they had a son(my father) James Arthur Wright in 1937. In 1941 they had a bitter
divorce and she disappeared. she could have gone anywhere. She possibly never mentioned to
anyone about being married or having a son, since she couldn’t have him. My grandfather
died last year and took with him any hope I had of finding her or any of her family. He
refused to talk about her with anyone. I know she love my father because right before my
father’s Aunt Dottie died she told him that his mother would stand across the street and
watch him play. Please help us find her.


April 20, 1999




Was directed to your web site via a visit to LDS…when I entered Seth Poole…with
father Seth Poole… How interesting to find a Carney connection ….so far from Louisiana
and Abbeville, South Carolina with the PettyPoole’s..


There are several Carney families living in East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana with our
PettyPooles. I can see that some of the Carney’s have married with the Wright’s ,
Langford’s, etc. and other very closely allied families . I presume that the Carney’s are
cousin’s  several times over to our Poole’s and the other’s who have come down from
South Carolina.


Polly Poole Craig


Mc Allen, TX


April 5, 1999


Have you come across any records or information about the Carney’s that
came from PA after 1900’s


Robert Scott (Carney-Smay-Fye) Bowers  Sat 3/13/99 2:16 PM


My name is Billy Carney born in McKinney, Texas July 21, 1954 my father is Hollie O.
Carney born in Caddo, Okla my grandfather was Willis Wesley Carney of Arkansas.


Smith [] Thu 3/11/99 12:13


I finally found something worth reading, on the Carney name. Thank-you so much!

I’ve been looking for any info, & I keep stumbling across the same
thing,,,Nothing !

Until now….

My wish, is to trace my heritage back to the begining, but I can’t seem to get past
New York. All I know is, my Great Grandparents came over from Ireland & my Grandfather
was born in Rennisler co. NY. (Edward Dudley Carney) in 1901, but had no birth
certificate. The only records of him being there, are from his 6th grade school records.
His mother’s name was Bridget, that’s all I know…….


If you have access to ANY records of the crossing from Ireland, or ANY Irish records at
all, PLEASE,, let me know.

Again, Thank-you for the web site.

Now I got somethin’ ta chew on for

R. Carney~


Edward Carney [
] Tue 3/9/99 7:05 PM


Would appreciate any help in locating Carney’s from CORK to CAMBRIDGE MA. US
Circa.1870-1900.  Thanks


January 30, 1999


I am researching my maternal grandmother’s family, Carney. I know William Carney was
born in 1855 in Kalamazoo Michigan.  I believe his parents are Dan and Mary Frances
Ryan, both born in Ireland (I do not know where).  William married an unknown women
and had Jessie 1/1880 in Illinois and Bessie born 5/1882 in Illinois.   William
then married Bertha ? and had Adrian born 4/1898 and Wilmer born 1902, both in Illinois.
Please let me know if you have any information on these relatives of mine.  I
have a Home Page at with more


January 18, 1999


I am looking for Alzada Carney b.27 Jan. 1876 in Alabama. She was married @1891 to
Albert G. McLemore. Together they had eight children. I would like to know who Alzada’s
parents were, etc. If anyone could help me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Sandy Austin



October 15, 1998


From: Thomas Fortin
Hi Bill,  thank you for your letter. It is good to hear from someone in Bay City. I
hope it will help.
Catherine Carney

B-march 03, 1866   in B.C.   died Nov. 29,1950 in B.C.
fathers name was Josh Carney
she was married to  John Prentice
they had four children:
Loretta Prentice in B.C.

b-Jan.13,1899   d- Oct.17,1965 (In Detroit)

married Wilfred Fortin  (my parents)
Edward Prentice in B.C.

b.feb.23,1897 in B.C.  d-dec.19,1982 (in B.C.)

married to Dorothy Reno
William Prentice in B.C.

b-1895  d-1968
Mary Prentice in B.C.

b-mar.12,1893 in B.C.  d-jan. 23, 1967

married to Paul Moeller
that is all that I have ,I am going to try to get to B.C. for more

Tom Fortin


Bill’s Note: Please contact Tom directly if you are connected to him.


August 7, 1998


I am just starting in on doing research into my grandfather’s family.  Following
is what I now know of him:
Phillip Carney (b. 1876 (I believe in Kellyville, PA – now called Drexel Hill) – d. 1958
in Phila., PA) was my grandfather. He married a Johanna Mason (b. 1881 (I believe in
Phila., PA)- d. 1971 in Phila., PA). They are both of Irish descent.  Phillip’s
family came from ?Calcoon? (hopefully, the spelling is right.), County Mayo?, Ireland and
Johanna’s family came from Tiperarry, Ireland.
Phillip Carney’s mother was Mary Dix. Mary Dix’s mother was Margaret Kelly from
Kellyville, PA (now called Clifton Heights, PA).  Verbal family history has Margaret
Kelly immigrating from Ireland (County Mayo?). Phillip had 3 brothers (Tom, Will and John)
and 2 sisters (Elizabeth and Mary).
Johanna Mason’s mother was Elizabeth Lamb. Verbal family history has Elizabeth Lamb
immigrating from  Tipperary, Ireland through Baltimore, Md. Elizabeth Lamb’s mother
was Elizabeth Russell. Johanna had 3 brothers (Pat, Mike and Tom) and 5 sisters (Margie,
Mary, Elizabeth, Ronnie and Kate).
Aftert hey got married, circa 1904 at Our Lady of the Rosary at 63rd and Callowhill,
Philadelphia, PA, they lived in the City of Philadelphia at 6033 Cedar Avenue in West
I’m trying to find relatives further back than them. Unfortunately I have no other dates
available at this time.
Any information would be a great help. thanks.
Larry Flood


February 12, 1998


I would like to add my querry to your list.  My great, ggg grandparents Patrick
& Johanna Kearney (Carney) emigrated from Glenville County Cork with their children
Patrick, Peter, Maurice, Thomas, William, Mary, Ellen & Richard in 1847.
They sailed to Grosse Ile Quebec and Patrick the father died on board.   They settled
briefly in VT. then went west on a wagontrain (I have yet to discover where in the west).
Most of the family came back east to Salem & Boston, MA Please forward any info to or write to me at 145 Okenuck
Way, Shelton, CT 06484.


January 28, 1998


I have been to the Brickmason’s Sons page and enjoyed it, but cannot tell if my
relatives are related.  I have a Catherine (Kate) Carney [nee Tague, from Tyrone Co.
Ireland), whose husband [Francis from Fermanagh Co., Ireland] died in Ireland who came to
New York (Corning) in 1859 via Boston.  She moved to Watkins Glen, NY in about 3
years and the family stayed there for some time.  Two of her sons, John and Francis
and their families eventually moved to Ouray, Colorado (before 1880 Census).  The
children of Catherine were all born in Fermanagh Co.–they were: Patrick (1832), Hugh
(1835), John (1840)-my great grandfather, Catherine (1842), Susan (1843), and Francis P.
(1846).  Francis P. was listed on the 1880 Census as a stone and brick mason who had
a stonemason and construction business.  He eventually became Lt. Gov. of Colorado
just before the turn of the century.


Enough already.  Is there any chance some of your people came through New
York/Watkins Glen.  Or did any/all come from Fermanagh Co.???


Looking for all leads.  Again, thanks for your page, I enjoyed it.




January 10, 1998


My earliest Kearney is Francis Kearney, who came from Offally in 1811 aboard the ship
“Radius” which docked in NY.  Francis’ wife is unknown, but his son was
Alexander, b. 1817.   Alexander’s first wife was Electa, with whom he had a
daughter, Hester.  His second wife was Amanda Ford Oliver, with whom he had Lewis,
and my great grandfather, Francis Lawson Kearney, b. 1859 in Mishawaka, In.
Anything sound familiar to you?????  Thanks–Kathy



Friday, November 28, 1997


Just browsing through the Roots index and saw your listing. Our families have a simular
migration pattern. My Carney’s originated in Co. Mayo, Ireland. They lived in a place
where the 3 counties meet, Roscommon, Mayo and Sligo. My grandfather, John, lived in
Chester England for a short while, then immigrated to the US in 1903. He settled in
Lowell, MA. Do we have a connection?


Thanks for your time,

Gena Semenov


Gena Semenov



Wednesday, October 29, 1997


Hello, I have recently started researching my family history. My mother’s family are
Carney’s. I know that they are Irish, and maybe ironically Republicans. (i am too) What I
am wondering is…do you know of any Carney’s in the south. I live in Georgia, and as far
as I know the Carney’s have lived here for at least 3 generations. My grandfather’s line
died out, because he had no sons. Thanks for any information.   Roger Hall


Roger Hall



Wednesday, May 14, 1997




I’ve been just going right along readig the ftmtech info’s and have been scanning all
the info on Zip drives (we are thinking of purchasing one) And then suddenly today I
caught your name!  My great Grandfather Chesterfield M. Carney was a caucasian male
born March 1849 in Port Royal, Montgomery, TN, Died Dec 29, 1928 in Ft. Smith, Sebastion
County, Arkansas, he was the son of Harry (Henry) D. Carney and Sarah Murphy. I show 3
marriages for him.  I also have quite a bit of other Carney lineage.   If you
think we might tie together I’d like to compare files.




Jan & Gary Patterson researching Boykin, Brewer, Brunham, Carney, Copeland,
Jackson, Patterson, Poyner, Stewart and many others.

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January 26, 1997


I seek info on a Mr. Carney who married Virginia Biship, Little River area, Arkansas.


Christine Smith


January 20, 1997


In response to one of my queries, Bill Harrington


The best access to St Patrick Cemetery records is by personal contact. I talked to the
resident wizzard, and she said you can do well by mail, with a SASE.


Write or call the sexton at the following:


St Patrick Cemetery, 805 Ridge Rd., Bay City, MI 48708, 517-893-2697


Good luck. Please let me know if they answer your questions.


January 18, 1997


My Carney is as follows. Don’t know that much about it.


My greatgrandmother, Mary Carney, born 18 Sep 1844, possibly in Co. Cork, father’s name
was John (based on the fact that her second Son was named John, but her brother’s only son
was named William, so who knows?).


Probably emigrated about 1850 which would make her one of the Famine Emigrants. Must of
come with her parents. Next we see her in Grass Valley (Nevada Co.) married to William
Scanlon, Co. Waterford in 1868. Birth record of her oldest child indictes that they were
in California at least as early as 1864.


Next we see them in Negaunee, MI. About 1870 and there the family stayed. Lots of
Scanlon’s in the second generation. Why they went to Negaunee from California, who knows.
Possibly to join up with William’s father who died in Negaunee in 1885 or so at the age of


Mary had a brother, Thomas. Don’t know too much about him. I haven’t done the research.
He may have been born in Boston, He may have worked as a blacksmith, he may have worked in
Houghton for a while.


He had five kids, Katherine, who married a Middleton and ended up in Crosby (Crow Wing
Co.) MN and whose family I am in communication with. Ann, married a Rademacher and had two
kids, Thomas and William. Alice and Nell & Will (twins) aren’t believed to have


There you have just about the sum total of my knowledge about my Carney’s. It is a
relatively common name and the dearth of Irish records, and the size of County Cork, makes
it tough to begin a search. Maybe your page will attract visitors who can make the
connection for me.


Good Luck with it. Looks like a lot of hard work for you and interesting browsing for
your visitors.


Ray Marshall, 4052 Minnehaha, Minneapolis, MN 55406 612-721-7593


Member of the Board, Irish Genealogical Society Int’l


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January 15, 1997




I saw your homepage…it’s very good! I too am researching Carney.I have a Patrick
Carney (b. abt. 1822)who came to MN sometime before 1870. There was also a Michael Carney
in the same county who appeared very close in time. Patrick’ wife was Sarah (b.abt.1818)
and they had 2 daughters,




b. abt. 1853 in Illinois and Margaret, b. abt. 1856 in Wisconsin.


I would like to know if you would know of any connection?




Maureen Johnson <>