Edmund Fitzgeorge

Edmund Fitzgeorge’s father, also Edmund Fitzgeorge, is my 3X gt. grandfather.
I have not found the marriage of Edmund and Hannah (about 1784) but have all
their children bapt. in Warmsworth + Mary (1785).
Hannah their daughter bpt. 1792 m. John Paulson of Oxton, Notts. Another Hannah
their daughter born 1833 is my great grandmother.
What is most interesting is that Edmund Fitzgeorge born 1758 was given to the
London Foundling Hospital. They were one of the first charitable institutions in
London, lots of info on the net: www.coram.org.uk/heritage/hospital.htm
Excellent records were kept on each child’s progress. Edmund was sent to Kent to
be we-nursed and then Ackworth, Yorks. He was later apprenticed. Unfortuately,
on admission children were given a new name. However, most poignantly, a token
could be left so that the mother could identify and claim her child if matters
improved in the future. Edmund was left with a piece of blue ribbon around his
wrist, I believe this is still in the hospital museum, which is closed for
refurbishment at the moment. I was on BBC Radio 4 asking about the foundation, a
transcript is on: www.bbc.co.uk/education/beyond/factsheets/makhist5_prog4a.shtml
Edmund died on the 24 Feb1835, he is buried in Warsworth with his wife who died
11 Apr 1835.
I hope you find this as fascinating as I do. I would love to find his marriage,
family word has it that her name was Hannah Scolley but family legend also said
we were related to royalty, until we found out otherwise!
from Helen Warren

April 2, 2003