My Family Tree

Levi Everett 

*17 Sep 1869 - †24 Jan 1941


a) 008075-93 Levi EVERITT, 22, farmer, Walkerton Ontario, Macaulay Tp, s/o Charles & Sarah, married Dorcas Ann WINTERS, 20, Stephenson Tp, Macaulay Tp, d/o Charles & Jane, witn: Fred Bridgland BOWDEN & L. A. BOYDELL both of Bracebridge on Aug. 23, 1893 at Bracebridge Everett Levi M Head M Sep 17 1869 31 Everett Dorcas A. F Wife M Aug 5 1873 27 Everett David M Son S Jul 14 1894 6 Everett Sarah M. F Daughter S May 16 1897 3 Everett Levi I. M Son S Sep 23 1899 1 1901 Canadian Census: Macaulay Twp., Ontario Everett Levi M Head M Sep 1869 41 Everett Dorcas F Wife M Aug 1873 37 Everett David M Son S Jul 1894 16 Everett Sarah F Daughter S May 1897 14 Everett Levi M Son S Sep 1899 11 Everett Jean F Daughter S Sep 1901 9 Everett Florence F Dau- In-law S Nov 1904 6 Everett Norman M Son S Jan 1907 4 Everett Hubert M Son S Feb 1909 2 1911 Canadian Census: Macaulay Twp., Ontario Levi was a very industrious man. He worked long hours farming to provide a descent living for his wife and ten children. It's been said that ole Levi held his pants up with binder twine. He believed money should put back into the family farm by buyingseed for the next crop and other essentials for the family. He was very big into education however not edcated as well he could have been. He donated a piece of his land to have a school erected on. He was also the kind of man that didn't take kindly to his father remarrying so soon after his mother passed away. This is why the family name at least as far as his branch went changed from "itt" to "ett" Levi felt his father had disgraced the family. He was a horseman. He took great pride in his teamof horses as there was often competitions in old Bracebridge of which Levi was many times the winner. He didn't like to loose but he did like the competion.