The Baum Family in Ackworth, Yorkshire in the 1881 Census

BAUM families in Ackworth, Yorkshire in the 1881 Census


Frank Baum, married, age 42 born in Ackworth

Mary A. Baum, wife, age 42

Joseph Baum, unmarried, age 21

Jno. (John) Baum, unmarried, age 19

Living at Hollin Bank Lane in Heckmondwike, Yorkshire


William Baum, married, age 58 born in Ackworth

Harriet Baum, wife, age 60

William N. Baum, age 15

Alfred Travis, widow, age 36 with children Alfred, age 5, and Marilla, age 4,

living with them


Living at 1 Lane Ends, Hemsworth, Yorkshire


Thomas Baum, married, age 47 born in Ackworth

Sarah Baum, wife, age 7

Thomas Baum, unmarried, age 18

Selina Baum, unmarried, age 15

Living with them George Warde, age 15 and Daniel Booth, age 40


Living at 8 Lane Ends, Hemsworth, Yorkshire