The EVERETT family

    • Index of EVERETT surnamed people in selected city directories for Bay City, West Bay City, and Bay County: 1871-1944

Everett: This is a real mystery. Benjamin Everett (born about 1842 in Canada) and his wife Eliza Guness had four children that I am aware of:  Benjamin (born about 1863), Isabell (born about 1865) Jane or June (born about 1867) and Christopher (born about 1871) all born in Canada.  According to the 1900 Census, they emigrated to the US around 1877.  They were living in Macomb County in 1883 when Isabell married Benjamin Campsall Gamble.

By 1883 all but Isabell is found in West Bay City, Michigan.  Isabell is my great-great grandmother; she gave birth to Iza Cecelia “June” Gamble in 1893.  Before her husband Benjamin Gamble died she moved to Bay City and after Ben’s death she married into the Trudell family.   Benjamin Everett appears to have left West Bay City by 1897, and I do not know where he went.

This is all I know about the Everett family. If you have the rest of the family in your  tree, please contact me – maybe we are “cousins”.


Barbara []  Mon 1/25/99 1:22 PM

My Everett was Sarah Jane. Born in Canada about 1870. Her father was Benjamin Everett. She married John Innes in Bay City in 1886 became a widow in 1891 are later remarried a John Seifferly. She died in 1938 in Bay City. This is all I know about my g-grandmother. I don’t know if she had any sisters or brothers or where in Canada they came from.

I have a g-g-grandmother named Eliza Shambo born about 1859 in Canada.  Her parents were George Shambo and June Root. She married John Curtain.  Her daughter was my g-grandmother Harriet Curtain. I don’t know much about her either. She married Thomas Jerome Goure (Gore) in Bay City She was only 36 when she died. Her daughter, my grandmother was widowed in 1919 , only 26 and 5 kids so she moved to Detroit to be near a sister.

My dad grew up not knowing about family, only his mothers brother and sisters.

If you have any information on Everetts that might apply to me I would appreciate your passing it on.

Thank You