Emery Henry (?) Bowen

Emery Henry (?) Bowen
b: ABT 1810
d: 03 MAR 1880
According to his Civil War pension file he was born in Monroe countyNew York. He was 5'11" tall, had a light complexion, blue eyes, andsandy hair. He was injured but his pension requests were refused. Hemarried Elizabeth GORDON on May 22 1831. She was 16. The ReverandFrancis Smith of the Methodist Episcopal Church, in Minden,officiated. Among the people present were, Polly ELLMAN of West MindenNY, and Sally PATNUM, Elizabeth's sister, of Georgetown (Youngstown),Niagara, NY. Other people in attendance were Mrs. Polly Ellmer,William and Jane Grundy of West Mendon, Monroe NY, Mr and Mrs Thompsonalso of West Mendon. svcygnusoriginally submitted this to LenaRoles Family on 10 Jun 2008 Emory Bowen was born in East Mendon,Ontario County, New York, [ he was born in what became Monroe Countyin 1821 ] about 1814 ± 5 years [he may have been born as early as1810]. On 22 May, 1831, Emory married Deborah Elizabeth Gordon. Hiswife was usually called Elizabeth. They were married in theMethodist-Episcopal Church in West Mendon, Monroe, New York byReverend Francis Smith. Elizabeth was born somewhere in New Yorkabout 1815, and was sixteen at the time of her marriage. The Bowen’sfirst child, James Harrison Bowen, was born somewhere in New Yorkaround 1832 or a little after. Their second son, Andrew Bowen, diedin infancy and may have been born around 1835. Their firstdaughter, Nettie Emily Bowen was born around 1840. These threechildren were probably all born in Monroe County, NY. In the 1840 UScensus there was an Emery [sic] Bowen living in Rush, Monroe, NewYork. His household consisted of 1 white male 5 to 9 years old[James ?], 1 white male 30 to 39 years old, a white male who waslisted as a Revolutionary War Pensioner, Eliphalet Gordon, 82 yearsold, two white females 20 to 29 years old. If this was my great-great grandfather’s family, then Eliphalet Gordon was probablyElizabeth Gordon’s father, or more likely her grandfather consideringhis age. The second woman may have been a sister of either Emory orElizabeth. Nettie Emily is not accounted for. Perhaps she wasn’tborn until sometime after the census in 1840. Emery’s age in the1840 census suggests he was born in 1810 or earlier which is aconflict with Emory Bowen’s birth year [ca 1814] when calculated fromhis stated age at the time of his enlistment in June, 1863. [perhapshe lied about his age when he enlisted ... 45 was the maximumenlistmentage]. [The M Company Roster shows Emory Bowen as 44 yearsold, which would have made him born in 1819. He would have been onlytwelve years old when he married Elizabeth !!! No member of hiscompany is shown as being older than 44, so it is probable that 45 wasthe cut off age, and Emory lied about his age to enlist]. Whileliving in Grove Township, Allegany County, New York, their fourthchild, Della Louisa Bowen, was born on 2 July, 1841. Their fifthchild, Lewis Addison Bowen, was also born in New York, probably earlyin 1844. The Bowen's lived in Allegheny County, New York until about1844 when they moved to Michigan, settling down in Ray Township,McComb County. While in Ray Township the Bowen’s added to theirfamily. William Wallace Bowen was probably born there around 1846 and Clara Elizabeth Bowen was born ca 1848. Around 1850 the family movedto Adrian, Lenawee County, Michigan, then to a farm in the same county[in Woodstock Township ?]. Their son Joseph Winfield "Scott" Bowenwas born in Blissfield, Lenawee County (?), Michigan, on 11 August,1851 [info from Clare Bowen~Molina]. The daughters Emma May Bowen andAlice Luella Bowen were also born in Lenawee County. The Bowen’smoved to St. Johns, Clinton, Michigan, ca1860. On 6 June, 1863, Emoryenlisted in the 7th Michigan Cavalry at Bingham, Clinton, Michigan,for a three year term. He received a $25 bounty plus a $2 premium. He was mustered into the Army at Grand Rapids, Michigan, on 12Jun, 1863, as a private assigned to Company "M" under the command ofCaptain Robert Sproul . Emory was sent to a base near Washington,D.C., for his training. He was still at Washington onthe 2nd of Julyand therefore did not participate in the Battle of Gettysburg whichwas on the 2nd ~ 4th of July, 1863. The 7th Michigan was in thebattles of Hagerstown, PA, on 6 July, Boonsboro, MD, on 8 July,Snickers Gap, VA, on 19 July, and Parmerville, VA, on 25 July, 1863.The unit apparently returned to Washington after the last battle andremained there until late August or early September, 1863. In July orAugust, 1863 [most likely 22 or 23 July], Emory’s company was crossinga bridge from Washington, D.C. to Alexandria, Virginia, when thehorses were spooked by a train. Emory's horse reared and threw it'shead back striking Emory in the face and knocking him unconscious.The horse then trampled Emory in the groin. When he regainedconsciousness he was blind in the right eye, and his vision wasblurred in the left eye which continued to deteriorate throughout theremainder of his life. The trampling resulted in double scrotalhernias. His military records show that during July & August, 1863,Emory Bowen was "absent … left sick at Camp Wyndham". In November &December he was at "… Camp Stoneman since July 22nd ~ Detachedservice". While he was in the hospital at Camp Stoneman, Elizabethand their younger children traveled to Washington and rented a"..small house.." in Giesboro Point, near Washington so they couldtake care of him and also their son Louis who was also in the Army andwas sick. Emory continued on "Detached Service" at Camp Stonemanuntil he was discharged from the Army for disability on 15 June, 1864. Incredibly, the Army Doctor, John Higgins, who signed the dischargeauthorization wrote as reason for disability: "Hernia, Defective Eyes,and Old Age - all of which existed prior to his enlistment" ![Perhaps Emory had admitted his true age to the doctor ?]. Hisdischarge papers described Emory as 5’ 11" tall, light complexion withblue eyes and sandy hair. [Emory didn’t receive his final dischargepapers until 9 June, 1865. This may have been his discharge from the"Veteran Reserves"]. After his discharge from the Army, Emory and hisfamily apparently stayed at Giesboro Point until sometime after theend of the war in 1865. He seems to have been employed by the Armyas a civilian guard watching over the horses while the war continued,although he was sometimes unable to show up for work due to illness.Army records suggest he may have been attached to the Veteran Reserveportion of the 7th Michigan Cavalry after his discharge, or possiblyafter the end of the war in 1865. The Bowen’s youngest daughter,Alice Luella, contracted an illness and died while the family was atGiesboro Point. After the war, the Bowen’s returned to St. Johns,Clinton, Michigan, where they remained for about a year. They thenmoved to Port Huron, St. Clair, Michigan, where they lived for aboutfour years. From Port Huron they moved to Port Austin, Huron, Michiganwhere they remained until Emory's death. Emory applied for an InvalidPension on 12 June, 1865, but his pension was denied. Emory againapplied for a pension on 5 December, 1867. That application was alsorejected. Once again, on 6 April, 1869, Emory applied for anInvalid Pension and it was again rejected on 3 June, 1871. Reuben B.& Della L. Franklin signed as witnesses on the notarized affidavit hesubmitted with the last request. On 12 June, 1876, Emory filedPension claim # 74, 527 and it was again rejected It appears thatEmory reapplied for a pension, or a review of his case, in October,1877. Elizabeth made a notarized sworn statement on 6 October, 1877,that Emory’s eyesight and health were good prior to his enlistment,and that he had no hernias. Elizabeth also referred to losingletters from Emory when they "…were shipwrecked several years ago".Apparently, the pension was again denied. Because of health problemsassociated with his injuries he was unable to work at anything except"light chores" after his discharge from the Army. Around the middleof February, 1880, Emory slipped and fell injuring his hip. He thencontracted pneumonia. Emory Bowen died in Port Austin, Huron,Michigan, on 3 March, 1880. Cause of death was shown as "Hernia anddefective vision contracted while in ... service, augmented by chronicdiarrhea and inflammation of the lungs". After Emory’s death,Elizabeth appears to have hired a lawyer to try to get Emory’s pensionclaim approved so that she could qualify for a widow’s pension. Sheapplied for a Widow’s Pension on 27 December, 1884. Her claim wasreviewed by the Pension Bureau and rejected on 5 June, 1886. It ispossible that she re-applied between December, 1884 and June, 1886.A review of her application was requested and it was again rejected on7 April, 1887. She seems to have applied for some sort of benefitsfor service related death of her husband as well as his disabilitypension. A special investigation was conducted by Special Examiner,D.M. Greene between 17 December, 1887 and July, 1888. Mr. Greeneimmediately (on 20 December, 1887) recommended rejection of the claimfor service related death "… since cause of death was not servicerelated …". He also expressed reservations about the disabilityclaim and recommended further investigation. The claim was againrejected. Elizabeth hired a different lawyer who apparently put outthe effort to track down Captain Robert Sproul, Emory’s CompanyCommander, and get a deposition from him concerning the accident onthe bridge and Emory’s physical condition before and after theaccident. He also got a statement from the doctor who gave Emory hisenlistment physical who stated that he had been "in surprisingly goodhealth for a man of his age" at the time of his enlistment. Itappears that on 20 May, 1889, the Bureau of Pensions finallyacknowledged that Emory should have been getting a pension fordisability caused by "injury of head and eyes and scrotal hernia ofthe left side" , but they then investigated Elizabeth’s situation tobe sure that she actually qualified for a widow’s pension.
  • ABT 1810 - Birth - ; East Mendon, Ontario, New York, USA
  • 03 MAR 1880 - Death - ; Port Austin, Huron, Michigan, USA
  • 1850 - Residence - ; Ray, Macomb County, Michigan, USA
  • 1860 - Residence - ; Rollin, Lenawee, Michigan, USA
  • JUN 1890 - Residence - ; Huron, Michigan, United States
  • 1840 - Residence - ; Rush, Monroe, New York, USA
  • 1850 - Residence - ; Ray, Macomb County, Michigan, USA
  • 1860 - Residence - ; Rollin, Lenawee, Michigan, USA
  • JUN 1890 - Residence - ; Huron, Michigan, United States
  • 1840 - Residence - ; Rush, Monroe, New York, USA
William Bowen
ABT 1763 -
Emery Henry (?) Bowen
ABT 1810 - 03 MAR 1880
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) William Bowen
BirthABT 1763
PARENT (F) Lydia or Lenora
FOlive Bowen
Birth1813New York
FSibil Bowen
FRina Bowen
FClarise Bowen
Birth1808New York
Death19 SEP 1870Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan, USA
FNancy Bowen
DeathBET 1818 AND 1820
MWilliam Bowen
MElijah Bowen
MAmos Bowen
Birth1819New York
Death24 MAR 1888Lowell, Kent, Michigan, USA
MEmery Henry (?) Bowen
BirthABT 1810East Mendon, Ontario, New York, USA
Death03 MAR 1880Port Austin, Huron, Michigan, USA
Marriage22 MAY 1831to Deborah Elizabeth Gordon at West Mendon, Monroe, New York, USA
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Emery Henry (?) Bowen
BirthABT 1810East Mendon, Ontario, New York, USA
Death03 MAR 1880 Port Austin, Huron, Michigan, USA
Marriage22 MAY 1831to Deborah Elizabeth Gordon at West Mendon, Monroe, New York, USA
FatherWilliam Bowen
MotherLydia or Lenora
PARENT (F) Deborah Elizabeth Gordon
BirthABT 1820New York
Death21 APR 1899 Port Austin, Huron, Michigan, USA
Marriage22 MAY 1831to Emery Henry (?) Bowen at West Mendon, Monroe, New York, USA
FatherEliaphet Gordon
FIda Mary Bowen
Birth13 MAY 1861Rollins Township, Lenawee, Michigan, USA
Marriage11 DEC 1878to George W Jordan Jr at Fairfield, Lenawee, Michigan, USA
MAndrew Bowen
FNettie Emily Bowen
BirthABT 1840, New York, USA
DeathBEF 1922
Marriage23 MAR 1876to George Nash at Port Austin, Huron, Michigan, USA
FAlice Luella Bowen
BirthABT 1855, Michigan, USA
DeathBET 1863 AND 1865Washington, District of Columbia, USA
MLewis Addison Bowen
BirthABT 1844, New York, USA
DeathBEF 1922
Marriage1876to Mary J. Draper
FJane Bowen
BirthABT 1838, New York, USA
FEmma May Bowen
Birth22 MAY 1855?Rollins Township, Lenawee, Michigan, USA
Death04 JUL 1933East Tawas, Iosco, Michigan, USA
Marriage20 MAR 1876to George Henry Brown at Port Austin, Huron, Michigan, USA
Marriageto Walter C. Mason
MWinfield Scott "Jospeh" Bowen
Birth11 AUG 1851, Michigan, USA
Death05 JUL 1942Flint, Genesee, Michigan, USA
Marriage1879to Clara Ryan
FDella Louisa Bowen
Birth02 JUL 1841Grove Township, Allegheny, New York, USA
Death28 MAY 1922Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, USA
Marriage01 MAY 1857to John Hollis at Woodstock Township, Lenawee, Michigan, USA
Marriage12 FEB 1865to Ruben Benjamin Franklin at Washington, District of Columbia, USA
MWilliam Wallace Bowen
BirthNOV 1845, New York, USA
FClara Elizabeth Bowen
BirthABT 1849, Michigan, USA
Death10 JUL 1936Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, USA
Marriage25 MAY 1868to Ellsey A. Sloane at Port Huron, St Clair, Michigan, USA
MJames Harrison Bowen
BirthABT 1833, New York, USA
Death07 MAR 1869Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan, USA
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[S151] 1860 United States Federal Census
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Descendancy Chart
Emery Henry (?) Bowen b: ABT 1810 d: 03 MAR 1880
Deborah Elizabeth Gordon b: ABT 1820 d: 21 APR 1899
Ida Mary Bowen b: 13 MAY 1861
George W Jordan Jr b: ABT 1857 d: 02 DEC 1915
Fred Jordan b: JAN 1888
Ethel Jordan b: ABT 1886
Jack Jordan b: ABT 1916
Bert Jordan b: AUG 1884
Laurette Jourdan b: ABT 1891
Sadie Jordan b: DEC 1889
Ernest O Jordan b: AUG 1880
Florence Jordan b: JUL 1882
Andrew Bowen b: 1835 d: 1835
Nettie Emily Bowen b: ABT 1840 d: BEF 1922
George Nash b: ABT 1857
Maud Josephine Nash b: ABT 1879 d: 08 DEC 1903
Joseph Ruel b: ABT 1872
George E Ruel b: DEC 1899
Alice Luella Bowen b: ABT 1855 d: BET 1863 AND 1865
Lewis Addison Bowen b: ABT 1844 d: BEF 1922
Mary J. Draper b: 27 JUN 1859 d: 14 NOV 1949
Sulie E. Bowen b: NOV 1879
Jane Bowen b: ABT 1838
Emma May Bowen b: 22 MAY 1855? d: 04 JUL 1933
George Henry Brown b: ABT 1854 d: 1940
Cora May Brown b: 03 FEB 1881
Thomas H. Westcott b: ABT 1881
Cora May Brown b: 03 FEB 1881
Samantha Brown b: 1882
MurlMilo Brown b: MAR 1900 d: 26 AUG 1900
Nancy E. Brown b: ABT 1881 d: 08 DEC 1882
George Edwin Brown b: 24 AUG 1885 d: 1957
Anna Gertrude Backelen b: 13 JUN 1882 d: 13 DEC 1943
Catherine Jenny Brown b: 17 OCT 1913 d: 13 OCT 1998
William Noah Carney b: 20 NOV 1911 d: 27 FEB 1944
William George Carney b: 26 APR 1943
Mary Agnes Poole b: 31 AUG 1946
Michelle Marie Carney b: 19 DEC 1969
Colin Michael Brady b: 10 MAY 2007
Christon Sue Carney b: 08 JUL 1971
Kayla Danielle Gutchak b: 07 MAY 1997
Brandon Michael Gutchak b: 15 SEP 2001
William Matthew Carney b: 29 DEC 1966
Emily Roseleen Saxe b: 29 MAY 1972
William Raymond Carney b: 08 DEC 2006
Lillian Rose Carney b: 13 FEB 2009
Catrece Renee Carney b: 16 JUL 1968
David John Cobley b: 01 DEC 1908 d: 27 DEC 1962
Elizabeth Anne Cobley b: 18 FEB 1950
Theodore Frank Baranowski b: 14 MAY 1951
Aimee Catherine Baranowski b: 12 OCT 1976
David John Cobley b: 24 OCT 1951 d: 14 OCT 2002
Cathy Aileen Cobley b: 07 JUN 1948
Scott Wayne Cianek b: 10 AUG 1975
Jodi Aileen Cianek b: 30 MAR 1973
Tyler William DuRussel b: 11 JUN 2005
Ellie Lauren DuRussel b: 07 JAN 2003
Cathy Aileen Cobley b: 07 JUN 1948
Hulda Brown b: 27 MAY 1921 d: 30 NOV 2011
George J. Hahn b: 05 FEB 1918 d: 28 FEB 2002
Adam Kramer b: 15 MAR 1989 d: 28 JUN 2008
Mildred A. Brown b: 26 MAR 1916 d: 19 MAR 2012
John Goerlitz Jr. b: ABT 1906
Harold Edwin Brown b: 13 JUN 1918 d: 21 MAY 1994
Claude L. Brown b: ABT 1877 d: 1963
Mildred I. Brown b: APR 1897
Fred B. Walton b: ABT 1896 d: 15 MAR 1972
Frederick E. Walton b: ABT 1918
Betty J Walton b: ABT 1925
Mildred Jean Walton b: ABT 1923
Earl B.(?) Brown b: SEP 1892
Ruby Brown b: JUL 1890
Myrtle Brown b: 26 JUL 1894
Arthur E Hintz b: ABT 1887
Fred Schweickhart b: ABT 1891
Elizabath Brown b: 30 AUG 1879
Walter C. Mason d: BEF 1930
Winfield Scott "Jospeh" Bowen b: 11 AUG 1851 d: 05 JUL 1942
Clara Ryan b: ABT 1864
Charles William Bowen b: 28 JAN 1891 d: 19 DEC 1967
Louise Demourize Davis b: ABT 1889 d: 04 SEP 1984
Elizabeth Bowen b: ABT 1894
Mary Bowen b: 17 JUL 1898 d: 25 AUG 1974
Sanford Wilson b: 21 AUG 1881
Flora Bowen b: 01 NOV 1882
Joseph Bowen b: ABT 1887
Anna L Nichols b: ABT 1896 d: 23 DEC 1984
Eugene W Bowen b: ABT 1919
William C Bowen b: ABT 1921
Clarence Bowen b: ABT 1892
Emery Edward Bowen b: 05 MAY 1899 d: AUG 1972
Alice D Stebbins b: ABT 1903
Theodore Bowen b: ABT 1934
Virginia L Bowen b: ABT 1930
June Elaine Bowen b: 30 MAY 1927 d: 12 JAN 2005
Orman Christian Farver b: 14 JUN 1923 d: 13 JUL 2005
Robert E Bowen b: 16 DEC 1922 d: 24 AUG 1976
Donald E Bowen b: ABT 1926
Gordon Bowen b: ABT 1931
Della Louisa Bowen b: 02 JUL 1841 d: 28 MAY 1922
John Hollis b: ABT 1834
Frank Loren Hollis b: 08 SEP 1859 d: ABT 1873
Nina May Hollis b: 28 JUL 1861
Montgomery P. Harris b: ABT 1859
Grace L Harris b: ABT 1893
Beatrice May Harris b: 28 APR 1896 d: MAR 1975
Ruben Benjamin Franklin b: ABT 1841 d: 29 DEC 1919
Bennie Emory Franklin b: 05 DEC 1869
Eola Adelle Franklin b: 03 JAN 1876 d: 22 JUL 1948
Charles Gordon b: ABT 1870 d: 12 AUG 1962
Leslie A Gordon b: APR 1896
Allen Gordon b: ABT 1908
Gladys Lorraine Gorden b: 11 SEP 1903 d: 28 JAN 1997
Hart Leroy Beebe b: 23 OCT 1893 d: 11 OCT 1973
Leslie Hart Beebe b: 10 JUN 1921 d: 16 APR 1996
Dave L Beebe b: ABT 1935
June G Beebe b: ABT 1925
Goldia Gordon b: ABT 1901 d: 13 SEP 1995
Julius Horn b: 24 JAN 1894 d: 20 JUN 1937
William Horn b: ABT 1920
Lyle Gorden b: ABT 1910
Guy Lester Gordon b: ABT 1899 d: 23 MAR 1985
Grace Francis "Fay" Franklin b: 23 JAN 1881 d: 07 MAR 1974
Lewis Adelbert Franklin b: 19 MAY 1873 d: 13 JUN 1917
Blanche May Franklin b: 27 JAN 1883 d: 10 NOV 1966
Nita Elizabeth Franklin b: 17 June 1886 or 1887 d: 21 JUL 1985
Lillian Luelle Franklin b: 23 JAN 1871 d: 04 APR 1902
William A Franklin b: ABT 1852
Coy Franklin b: ABT 1902
Virginia D Franklin b: ABT 1908
William H Franklin b: ABT 1927
Dorris J Franklin b: ABT 1930
Ruby Franklin b: ABT 1900
Alfred H Laymon b: ABT 1871
Marion Victor Laymon b: 24 JAN 1902 d: 26 FEB 1982
Sylvia Pelter b: 17 APR 1907 d: 24 DEC 1953
Robert Laymon b: ABT 1939
Emma Delilah Laymon b: ABT 1937 d: 01 SEP 1991
Arthur E Kelley b: ABT 1946
Marianna Ruth Laymon b: ABT 1932
William E Newlin b: ABT 1927
Coy Franklin b: ABT 1903
Virginia D Franklin b: ABT 1908
William H Franklin b: ABT 1927
Dorris J Franklin b: ABT 1930
William Wallace Bowen b: NOV 1845
Clara Elizabeth Bowen b: ABT 1849 d: 10 JUL 1936
Ellsey A. Sloane b: 28 MAR 1846 d: 13 MAY 1921
Grace M Sloane b: ABT 1873 d: 1962
Michael Mathias Conley b: 19 OCT 1861 d: 05 DEC 1937
Wayne William Conley b: 27 NOV 1891 d: 24 SEP 1949
May M Conley b: 02 MAY 1891 d: 28 FEB 1989
Grace M Conley b: ABT 1919
Wayne M Conley b: 28 AUG 1917
Helen Conley b: ABT 1921
Norine Alice Conley b: 27 MAR 1897 d: 31 OCT 1974
Matthew Aloysius Walsh b: 25 AUG 1897 d: 21 DEC 1968
Rosemary Conley Walsh b: ABT 1932
Matthew Aloysius Walsh b: 20 JUL 1923 d: 28 MAR 1990
Jerome Patrick Walsh b: ABT 1929
Pearl S Conley b: 25 JAN 1890 d: 08 AUG 1965
Grace M Sloane b: ABT 1873 d: 1962
Cora Sloane b: 1873 d: 07 DEC 1955
Fred Lampman b: SEP 1868
Mabel Claire Lampman b: 05 OCT 1903 d: 26 MAY 1988
Clarence M Hynes b: ABT 1898
Corinne A Hynes b: ABT 1927
Leah Lampman b: 08 APR 1895 d: 25 MAR 1936
Ellsey E Lampman b: 31 JAN 1893 d: MAY 1979
Freda Marie Ortell b: 28 NOV 1892 d: 29 NOV 1989
Gordon Eugene Lampman b: 25 JAN 1922 d: 20 JAN 2006
James E Helms b: ABT 1860 d: 01 MAR 1933
Frederick Sloane b: ABT 1869 d: 25 AUG 1886
Earle Gordon Sloane b: 24 MAY 1887
Margaret Sloane b: ABT 1930
Carol Gladys Sloane b: ABT 1909 d: 12 NOV 1983
James S McDonald b: ABT 1937
Jerome L McDonald b: ABT 1932
Eugene L McDonald b: ABT 1931
Audrey P McDonald b: ABT 1924
Patrick L McDonald b: ABT 1939
Richard McDonald b: ABT 1939
Dorothy G McDonald b: ABT 1928
Maria A McDonald b: ABT 1937
Marian Sloane b: ABT 1926
William Sloane b: ABT 1924
Doris Sloane b: ABT 1915
Helen Sloane b: ABT 1918
Gordon Sloane b: ABT 1912 d: 12 JAN 1949
Lydia Sloane b: ABT 1908
James Harrison Bowen b: ABT 1833 d: 07 MAR 1869